Before I Got Famous
Before I Got Famous
U.S. Narratives
(USA, 2016, 6 min)
In English/Chinese with English subtitles
QuickTime Pro-Res, dvd
Directed By: Giovanna Sarquis
Screenwriters: Q. Allan Brocka, Marc Muszynski
Cast: Anthony Ma, Camille Wormser, Tiago Ferreira
When handsome 21-year-old Chinese man, Xingcheng You (Alex), leaves his small town in China with the dream to become a Hollywood Movie Star, he realizes two scary truths: he is not the only handsome man out there, and he is not the only one who dreams to become a movie star. It is a comical inside look at the gay dating scene, acting as an asian against race stereotypes, and general hilarity. The show pushes diversity, directly marketable to their demographic. With prevalent Asian themes throughout the show, we are sure that the Asian community will relate to this content on an emotional and cultural level, as well as the LGBT community.
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