The City of the Future
The City of the Future
A Cidade do Futuro
preceded by JIL, "All Your Words"
International Narratives
(Brazil, 2016, 76 min)
In Portuguese with English subtitles
QuickTime Pro-Res, DCP
West Coast Premiere
Directed By: Claudio Marques,
Marilia Hughes Guerreiro
Screenwriter: Claudio Marques
Cast: Milla Suzart, Gilmar Araujo, Igor Santos
In a remote part of Brazil, the triad of Mila, Igor, and Gilmar are determined to break away and form their own nontraditional family, defying the definitions that society has attempted to impose on them. As they prepare for the birth of their child, the three contemplate their intertwining relationships. Cláudio Marques and Marília Hughes Guerreiro have boldly collaborated on a naturalistic film that shuns convention, instead embracing love in all its dazzling iterations.
Screening Schedule
Fri, Jul 7th 7:15pm
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