Love the Sinner
Love the Sinner
Shorts Programs
(USA, 2017, 17 min)
QuickTime Pro-Res, .mov (quicktime)
Directed By: Jessica Devaney,
Geeta Gandbhir
Screenwriter: Jessica Devaney
Cast: Dawn Seymour, Joel Hunter, Brent Elliott, Norman Casian-Mojica
As a queer filmmaker from central Florida who spent most of my career producing films in the Middle East, my return home to examine the impact of the tragedy at Pulse is at the heart of this film. After breaking with my youth spent deep in the conservative Evangelical community as a nationally recognized activist and leader, I left Florida and didn't look back. I built a life that would take me as far away from "home" as possible. Like many of my filmmaker peers, I turned away from the urgent issues that needed addressing in my own community and turned the camera on communities elsewhere — all while building a new family of people who share my values. My daily community was basically an echo chamber. The mass shooting at Pulse was a wake up call. By avoiding hard conversations with the community I left, I felt complicit in an environment directly fostering homophobia. I grew frustrated as the media fixated on Islamic extremism and failed to address the contribution of Evangelical Christians in creating the atmosphere in which such a violent hate crime could occur. Through my intersecting relationships with local Evangelical leaders, Muslim-Americans and LGBTQ folks in central Florida, Love the Sinner probes our responsibility to difficult conversations with our communities of origin -- particularly when those communities pose a threat to the dignity and equality of marginalized people.
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