Jennifer Gerber
Jennifer Gerber
A native of Arkansas, Jen Gerber holds a MFA in writing and directing from Columbia University. As a 1st assistant director, Jen worked with James Franco on THE SOUND AND THE FURTY and BLACK DOG RED DOG starring Whoopi Goldberg, Olivia Wilde, and Chloe Sevigny. She currently teaches at the University of Central Arkansas and serves as a creative mentor for the Sundance Native Lab. Her next feature script PRETTY NEAR PERFECT was selected for the Blue List as one of the top alumni scripts from Columbia University and is slated for production in summer 2017.
Growing up in the South I found myself deeply rooted in religion; everything around me was about God. I read my Bible cover to cover every year, I attended church three times a week, I went on mission trips, and I even gave up an entire year of college to travel the country in hopes of saving souls. My childhood was swarming with strict regulations: no dancing, no makeup, no pants for women, you must never be alone with a member of the opposite sex, and there is zero tolerance for the LGBT community. As I grew older and wiser I began to see the manipulative practices used to grow the businessof the church. When every choice you make has eternal consequences, guilt and fear can be incredibly effective. This is the setting in which the love story of THE REVIVAL takes place.

THE REVIVAL boldly tackles the competition and violence found in religion. Pastor Eli walks the tightrope between being a man and being a man of God. At the core, it is this universal struggle between our primal nature and the divine that attracted me to this story.

Visually, my aim was for this story to be gritty and undeniably fearless. THE REVIVAL avoids sentimentality at all costs andleans into the naked truth of the human condition. The color palette includes earth tones dusted with hints of reds and blues. There is a glimpse of God and patriotism oozing through every fiber of this Southern town. I'm interested in the tension between the old and the new South. If you go to a modern southern church, sermons are given off iPads and prayer bulletins are found on Facebook. The contemporary south has Walmart, Sonic, and cell phones, yet it is still stuck in an outdated and dogmatic opinion about what is acceptable and right.

My ultimate goal is to invite the audience to join this highly personal journey of a character who desperately tries to do what's right in a world where right and wrong is surprisingly unclear.
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