Brandon Kelley
Brandon Kelley
THE REAL THING is a short film about a young transgender girl who is seeing her father for the first time since her transition. Too many LGBT film these days focus on the "will the parent accept their child?" trope. It was always my goal that anyone who is unsure of whether/how to support a transgender child, will see in our film the message of unconditional love. I also hope to inspire and validate family members and friends who have already taken the first steps to support a trans child that they know.

The inspirational stories of many transgender children have helped to change the world's perception of the trans community as a whole. Their innocence, in simply wanting a body that matches their mind and soul, has moved mountains in law, society, entertainment and the conversation regarding rights and discrimination.

Sadly, certain groups have now chosen thetrans community as the newest target for their hate speech and discriminatory legal battles.

In addition to the core creative team, Nick Adams (Director of Programs for Transgender Media of GLAAD) and Sarah McBride (National Press Secretary of the Human Rights Campaign) consulted on thescript and casting and continue to assist throughout the finishing of the film. Nick and Sarah have also been instrumental in facilitating the outreach to the LGBT celebrity community.

My aim is to have the audience cheer for Allie in her accomplishments, and share in her sadness duringher low moments. I want the audience to see Allie as their daughter, sister, niece, classmate...

Most of all, I want them to love her.

THE REAL THING is a very real depiction of the life of a young trans girl. The film presents both the normal and abnormal aspects of trans teen-hood. The everyday aspects should feel so familiar that the audience can relate. The trans aspects needed to be raw, in order to show the world how senseless discrimination and misunderstanding affects the lives of trans children each and every day. Our brilliant young actress, Sophia Grace Gianna, brings to her role an authenticity that we could not otherwise expect. Sophie draws on her own experiences growing up in order to deliver a realistic performance.

This film was a passion project for everyone involved. From people donating their time and resources to the transgender crew members for whom it meant a little more, we all worked together to bring this story to the world in order to show some of the hardships that these children face.

I want to take this film across the world and introduce Allie to anyone who doubts the validity of transgender children.

This film is meant for everyone, but I hope it reaches parents of trans children and shows them that their child's desires are real and important. I want them to know there is no such thing as "too young" when it comes to living as your true self. If one parent sees my film and feelsvalidated for supporting his/her child, then I have accomplished that goal. Furthermore, I hope this film reaches into the hearts of all audience members, encouraging them to find acceptance and understanding within themselves for trans children/people. In all, I want to move people towards a placewhere they give the trans community what it needs, what everyone needs, love and support.
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