David Berry
David Berry
Director David Berry has had an active and multifaceted filmmaking career ever since he started in his twenties. He distinguished himself early as a cinematographer stepping into the role to shoot the Hugo- and Nebula-award nominated series "Star Trek: Phase II" before even finishing college, an effort also recognized by TV Guide and Rolling Stone as one of the top web series.

David pursued post-graduate studies in cinematography at the UCLA film school where he studied with renowned cinematographers and shot his first feature, the award-winning JUDAS KISS. He also works as lighting director for events by several major auto manufacturers.

David grew up in Austin, Texas, and now lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Alissa. He attended Trinity University, earning a B.A. in communication.
I came into directing this movie through an unusual route. I prepared the film as a cinematographer but due to unforeseen circumstances ended up helming it as director as well.

It's not an easy task to switch roles at the last minute, harder still to fill two at the same time. While thetask was daunting, it wasn't insurmountable. This was a script I was really looking forward to shooting. When I first read the screenplay, the story and characters stood out in a way I rarely see. I was excited to direct SOMETHING LIKE SUMMER because it had become so easy to see the elements of story and character and find ways to bring them to life.

At this point it would be inexcusable not to mention all the wonderful, talented professionals that helped make the movie what it is. Screenwriter Carlos Pedraza's adaptation of the novel was easy to translate into physical and photographic form. Editor Luke Slendebroek's deft hand made sense of all the footage and teased out the best elements. Rather than list everyone I'm thankful for here, I'll simply point to the credits and say everyone was indispensible.

To me, SOMETHING LIKE SUMMER is at its core an exploration of our all too common faults. The characters are imperfect, their timing doesn't ever seem to work out, and they all have to step up and come to terms with who they really are.

Those elements excited me the most as I approached this movie. I wanted to tell a story that, I hope, is onewe know all too well but invites the audience to observe it beyond their own possibly bittersweet perspective, which can cloud an otherwise positive moment with gray regret, but one that affirms the notion that time heals all wounds and things can always get better.
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