Palatpol Mingpornpichit
Palatpol Mingpornpichit
Palatpol Mingpornpichit is a 26-year-old Thai film director, graduated from the Faculty of Communication Arts, Bangkok University in Film Major. Being a film director has been his lifetime inspiration since he was a child. However, acquiring an opportunity in the Thai film industry is not easy. Seeing his seniors and friends who majored in film have no chance to create their own movies as they intended, he changed his mind. Still, every time he watched a movie in the cinema, he felt like he was watching other people's dreams. And that really inspires him to bring his own out for real.

After fleeing his own dream for a while, he decided to bring back his own screenplay which once he had tried to develop. Then he asked his friends to collaborate. When he finished the screenplay named PRESENT PERFECT CONTINUOUS TENSE he sent it to many companies to ask for a sponsorship. At last, he was given a hand by Honda Thailand and Bank of Ayudhya PCL.; both were the main sponsors who were a big part in this movie. Many people took notice because at that time the director was only 24 years old, writing the screenplay and managing the finances by himself. It was also the return of MewLalita Panyopas, one of the most famous female actors in Thailand, on-screen. In the following year (2014), Palatpol was nominated the Best New Filmmaker by the Bangkok Critics Assembly award. Currently, he works as the Assistant Vice President at Marcom Communications, GMM Grammy PCL.
My boyfriend and I have been a couple for about ten years, since we were in grade 12 at school. One thing that I would really love to have is "a baby." I have always imagined that having a baby would perfectly fulfill our lives together, especially as a gay couple. But when it comes to real life, Iwill never do so. The reason is that I am afraid that our love and responsibility would not be enough for raising a child and helping him grow up in society as other children would.

In Thailand, the same-sex marriage bill is now in process of consideration and is expected to be passed soon. I believe that this law will be very beneficial for many same-sex couples to practice this legal act. Although it may be accepted by the law, "children," who are the sensitive and innocent components in the society, may find it hard to understand the complexity of this kind of love without effecting their attitude or feelings.

Therefore, I'd like to present this movie in order to point out that "love" may concern the feelings and understanding of two persons, but as "fathers and mothers," they have to be much more careful and thoughtful. There is no absolutely right or wrong wayin raising a child, yet, it is not easy for sure.

FATHERS is a story of a gay couple who have adopted a son and also want to register their marriage. In Thailand, many people think that a gay movie must contain violent contents or sex scenes. Therefore, I really want to reflect and insist that a gay movie does not need to contain that kind of content. This movie is intended to tell the audience that love of a homosexual couple isn't different from others and that a gay movie is not a porn; in addition, FATHERS is a family movie. And no matter what sex a couple are, and if they wantto have a child, they need to bring him or her up properly. And I think there is no absolutely right or wrong way of bringing up a person, but it is absolutely not easy.
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