Cyn Lubow
Cyn Lubow
Cyn Lubow began a filmmaking career six years ago, after a long career as a psychotherapist as well as a parent of a 23 and 21 year old. She was inspired to make this film because she wanted to understand better her own experience of gender, which seemed to defy all cultural expectations of male, female or even transgender. She wanted to help people feel safe being whatever gender they are without having to conform to rules or endure criticism, including that imposed by themselves or the LGBTQI community.

Cyn spent three years making this film and is currently attending film festivals, universities and groups of birth professionals and queer people who have invited her to screen it. This is Cyn's second film.
Richmond CA
A Womb of Their Own is a celebration of gender variety. I wanted as much variety as possible in perspective among masculine-identified pregnant people. I chose six people who vary in age, location, point in the process of birthing children, socioeconomic class, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, education, religion, and other characteristics. These thoughtful, funny people speak to their experience of their own gender, it's evolution, and the effect pregnancy and chestfeeding has on their experience of themselves and their relationships with parents, partners, kids and God. Though they speak to challenges, they testify to the joy of being fully themselves, even in the face of pressure to conform.

I want the film to help relieve pain for people who feel misunderstood, confused, or shamed, just because their gender doesn't fit someone else's rules or expectations. I want to validate people who are their own unique mix of gender elements. I want to reach, for example, people who feel female one day and male the next; others who identify as female but want to have a beard; people who feel male but want to keep and use their female reproductive organs, and many whofeel neither female nor male. The possibilities are endless, and my subjects do a beautiful job of conveying pride in whatever combination of gender markers any individual feels is authentic for them personally.

My other hope is to challenge non genderqueer viewers' many common assumptions about gender, so they can help us build a world where people who don't fit the assumptions can be more visible, understood, accepted and safe.
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(USA, 2016, 86mins)
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