Reybaud, Jerome
Reybaud, Jerome
In Cannes, there are two hills that overlook the city: the Californie to the east and, to the west, the Croix des Gardes, a gay meeting and hook-up spot. It is made up of mimosa and pine woods, with narrow trails overlooking the Bay of Cannes, the sea and the mountains. Frequenting such a place ata young age creates a vital and lasting association: sex, chance, availability, and the mysterious presence of the world through the contemplation of landscapes and walking. That was the starting point for the film. This was followed by a second element: the couple, not viewed frontally but at a distance or as distanced. Last of all came the encounters, some of them fairly early on, such as the blonde woman played by Fabienne Babe, others much later, such as the thief, but ultimately all similar to the landscapes in their solitude and singularity.
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(France, 2016, 142mins)
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