Assaad Yacoub
Assaad Yacoub
Assaad Yacoub graduated from the New York Film Academy with a BFA in Filmmaking. His short film "Cherry Pop" was shown in over 15 film festivals and won over 10 awards including, Best of The Fest Award (Palm Springs International Shortfest) - the number one short film festival in America.

Assaad graduated with an MFA in Filmmaking. His music video for Bob The Drag Queen (Winner of RuPaul's Drag Race.) has over 1.4 million views and counting. Assaad recently directed a music video for 4 Drag queens on season 9 of RuPaul's Drag Race. The video will be out in March.

Assaad directed/produced his first feature film; an adaptation of "Cherry Pop" starring many world renowned drag queens, models and dancers.

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In CHERRY POP, I tell the story of a subculture that has not been talked about or shown on the big screen as often as it should be. I'm from the Middle East; originally Lebanese but was born and raised in Dubai. Growing up there, I was never exposed to the drag world. I moved to New York to attend film school and fell into a spontaneous night out that ended up at a local drag show. My mind was blown. It was very mesmerizing and theatrical to me. I thought to myself, why have I not seen this on TV or in a movie? When I met some of the drag queens afterwards, it was fascinating to experience the two personalities; the queen persona and the male everyday person. When I am asked about what the inspiration for this movie is, it was that night and all the moments it held. I would have never in a million years thought that this would be the topic I would focus on for my first feature film. Being Arab makes me somewhat different - You don't see many Arab filmmakers choosing this taboo genre/topic. CHERRY POP was originally a short film and I find myself thankful that I decided to start small and build my way up into feature filmmaking. I am proud of the work!

In the bigger picture of things, there is an important reason that I did this movie. I hope to educate others in and out of the drag community with this slice of-life story. A vast amount of people do not know anything about the drag world, as in absolutely nothing! With most subcultures, there are preconceived notions. I am hoping people are challenged and perspectives are expanded. Of course it is also very important to me that the audience is entertained, just like I was that first night I saw a drag show in New York City.

I believe it is key to work hard and on projects that you are passionate about. Projects that make an imprint on our society. With CHERRY POP, I want to start conversations, challenge minds and give the audience a few good laughs. I would love for this movie to be seen and be accessible all over the world. For some people thismaybe their only outlet to get a taste and true perception of a drag show. I am grateful that my movie is coming out during the time where online media platforms such as Netflix and Amazon are booming and easily accessible worldwide. I am looking forward to CHERRY POP's future and its potential impact.
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