No Skin Off My Ass
No Skin Off My Ass
Legacy Project
(Canada, 1990, 73 min)
Directed By: Bruce LaBruce

Director Statement

"No Skin Off My Ass was my first feature film, shot and edited on black & white Super 8 film. I cobbled together some scenes that I had already shot of my friends in the queer punk scene in Toronto in the late eighties, invented a narrative (inspired by Robert Altman's That Cold Day in the Park) to tie them together, and shot additional material to fill out the story. I met my long-time producer Jurgen Bruning when he was the visiting film and video curator at Hallwall's Art Gallery in Buffalo, NY, where he programmed my early experimental super 8 films. He gave me the money to shoot and edit the film, and I started to show it on Super 8 projectors in punk bars and alternative art spaces in Toronto. Then Jurgen blew it up to 16mm and released it on the gay and lesbian film festival circuit, which was exploding at the time. It became an international cult hit, thanks in no small part to its sexually explicit scenes - my first, naive stab at making a porn movie. Klaus Von Brucker, who plays the skinhead, was my boyfriend at the time, and his sister is played by the amazing G.B. Jones, with whom I co-edited the seminal queercore fanzine J.D.s."
Screening Schedule
Sat, Jul 16th 8:15pm

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