Ovarian Psycos
Ovarian Psycos
Documentary Features
(USA, 2016, 72 min)
Blu-ray, DCP Encrypted
Los Angeles Premiere
Directed By: Kate Trumbull-LaValle and Joanna Sokolowski

Director Statement

"The story of OVARIAN PSYCOS landed in our laps. We had wanted to make a film together for some time, a film about women, but there was no one story that was jumping out at us. Then we heard about the Ovas. Like a lot of their fans, we were drawn in by the boldness of their politics, their brazen approach to feminism, and unapologetic aesthetic: a hybrid mix of Riot Grrrl, Zapatista and militant-punk cultural markers. With bandanas tied across their faces, throwing up their Ova "hand sign," and a slogan that can make you both laugh and cry out loud - Ovaries so big we don't need fucking balls - we were enamored. It took us no time to realize that this was an important moment in time, one that was a clear extension of the legacy of civil rights activism in East Los Angeles, the birthplace of the Chicano Movement. And a moment in time that echoed the memory of women in history who have fought boldly for racial and gender equality, yet continue to be rendered invisible. The Ovas pay homage to women of the past, and are also clearly reinventing their own hybrid-identity as urban, women of color feminists.

Our initial concept of the film was an all-out-super-heroine story. A story where confident, unwavering young women - the Ovas - take back the streets en mass, on bikes, shouting in the face of convention, and bucking expectations. But once we started production the film took a turn. The real super-heroine work was happening behind the scenes, in daily life, within their personal relationships as mothers, daughters, and sisters. We discovered working class young women who were strong but vulnerable, and like all of us, dealing with trauma and disappointment. Feminism isn't something the Ovas choose, but it has been inherited. Inherited from living in a community politicized by the civil rights movement, and by the realities and challenges of growing up within the context of immigration, racism, misogyny and gendered violence. These were women dramatizing power and freedom on their bikes, at night, publicly in the streets, and at the same time struggling to hold onto that same power as single mothers, aspiring artists, students and working women.

Last night we showed the Ovarian Psycos the final film. We are still basking in the afterglow of that moment. They laughed and cried. In a room full of 20 former and current Ovas what resonated most loudly was how gratifying it was to see themselves, their stories, reflected on the big screen. Our hope is that this film will speak to the same misfit women and girls that the Ovas are looking to attract, the ones who don't feel like they fit in, the ones "at-risk" and under-represented. But we also hope that all folks, both mothers and daughters, and fathers and sons, will catch a glimpse of something authentic and relatable in the stories of Xela, Evie and Andi that will help to expand our understanding about feminist politics, and conversations about what feminism is, and should, look like.

- Joanna Sokolowski & Kate Trumbull-LaVall"
Post-Screening Party, July 9: Precinct, 357 South Broadway, 90013
Screening Schedule
Sat, Jul 9th 2:30pm

This event is already past
Sat, Jul 16th 1:00pm

This event is already past
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