Last Men Standing
Last Men Standing
preceded by 1985
Documentary Features
(USA, 2016, 66 min)
Blu-ray, QuickTime Pro-Res, DCP
Directed By: Tim Hussin,
Erin Brethauer

Director Statement

"In LAST MEN STANDING eight long-term AIDS survivors share the stories of their lives, lives they never expected to have after surviving the deadliest years of the AIDS epidemic. The film provides emotional context both for what it was like to experience those dark years and to deal with the day-to-day struggles aging AIDS survivors continue to face. Amid debilitating/chronic health issues and growing financial and housing hardships, the men in LAST MEN STANDING exhibit emotions ranging from anger to resignation to resilience. 

As the first feature film produced by the San Francisco Chronicle in its 151-year existence, the film is the latest chapter in the paper's history of in-depth reporting on the AIDS epidemic and its aftermath since 1981. The film, which was directed, produced, filmed and edited by Chronicle staff visual journalists Erin Brethauer and Tim Hussin, was created over the course of ten months and was released in conjunction with a special 20-page newspaper section featuring a story by Erin Allday and an accompanying online package of stories, videos and interactive graphics.

While presenting the heartache these men experienced during the peak of the AIDS epidemic, the film also aims to shed light on these survivors' often still precarious lives. From evictions to memory loss due to HIV- and AIDS-related dementia, the challenges these men face have persisted long past the epidemic of the 1980s and early '90s.Yet we see that they still find ways to usher peace and joy into their lives through relationships, artwork, humor and community. 

The eight subjects of the film display extraordinary honesty and bravery in sharing their stories, offering intimate glimpses into their darkest struggles. By mingling their poignant stories with striking imagery, the filmmakers hope LAST MEN STANDING creates an atmosphere where viewers can meditate on the men's words and develop a deeper understanding of their lives. Though it is a tale about AIDS survivors, the filmmakers hope it tells a larger story: how we all can find the strength to survive the worst situations and come through on the other side with open hearts."
Screening Schedule
Mon, Jul 11th 9:30pm
Harmony Gold

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