precedes Coming Out
Shorts Programs
(Sweden, 2015, 11 min)
In Swedish with English subtitles
QuickTime Pro-Res, dvd, DCP
Directed By: Nathalie Álvarez Mesén

Director Statement

"The seed to this film was born talking to a friend about how emotionally difficult it was for him to come out as homosexual - mainly because of concerns over how his family would deal with the news, especially his younger brother. But later on he realized that his little brother didn't care at all.

I discussed my friend's story with my co-producer and DP and realized how we hadn't seen a younger sibling dealing with these themes before. A, for us, undocumented side of what a non-heteronormative sexual orientation can mean for a child that lives in a society where the word "gay" is used as an insult in the playground at school.

It was important to first create a tight bond between the brothers. Filip's admiration and trust for Sebastian is very natural, but I also wanted Filip to have a close relationship to the brother's friend, also named Filip. They usually hang out, play ball and talk about football. This is Filip's everyday life.

Since the story is told in such a short time I thought that having the same name would automatically bring big and little Filip closer as they joke about it. Big-Filip is a part of the family but Filip has to rethink what it means after he discovers Sebastian and Big-Filip kissing.

He starts questioning his admiration for them, relationships in general, as well as some of the bullying going on at school. He struggles within himself and takes some distance in from his brother, who is left in the dark about Filip's sudden change in behaviour. Filip doesn't talk to his mother either.

It was important that this wasn't a lecture in what is accepted and isn't. That's why Filip doesn't need to talk to anyone about his struggle to realize that his brother is just the same as always. Filip loves Sebastian and nothing else really matter."
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