Girl Night Stand
Girl Night Stand
precedes AWOL
Shorts Programs
(USA, 2015, 10 min)
QuickTime Pro-Res
Los Angeles Premiere
Directed By: Jenna Laurenzo

Director Statement

"After countless conversations about my experience coming out, I decided to just write and direct a piece at an attempt to encapsulate all the confusing emotions I had to sort and navigate through. I truly wish I had it figured out after a girl night stand, but in all honestly - I'm way too much of an over thinker. Thankfully, for everyone's sake, I went with GIRL NIGHT STAND instead of say, a film called "Overthinking for Too Many Years."

We all desperately try to be unique, yet when we're "different" it's uncomfortable. The second we turn left in life when everyone else is going straight, pun totally intended, there's a weight of introspection that has to be dealt with that's at first a burden, until it's the light at the end of the tunnel.

When I was coming out, I desperately searched for stories and characters I could identify with and relate to. There were far more dramas than comedies in the canon of Queer film, and I'm someone who enjoys a good laugh. GIRL NIGHT STAND was born out of me wanting to tell a story that was both comedic and heartfelt.

I wanted to tell a lesbian story that speaks to large a audience, broadening the accessibility of what it means to come out. Sexuality aside, confusing emotions are universal. It's the universality I'm interested in exploring. At the core, we're all humans trying our best on personal quests towards happiness. At the heart of any great story lies the fact that diving into the essence of human nature is blurry, messy, and unpredictable.

I'm overwhelmed with gratitude, and deeply humbled by the support and enthusiasm GIRL NIGHT STAND has received. I'm a firm believer in the power of laughter. If you can get an audience laughing, you create an access point from which people can relate to both the story on screen and with each other.

GIRL NIGHT STAND is meant to serve as a prequel to my feature LEZ BOMB. LEZ BOMB is currently in preproduction and I look forward to sharing the feature as soon as it's completed. There's a long tradition of lesbian narrative. I hope to push the tradition with laugh out loud comedies that are rich in both humor and heart.

In both GIRL NIGHT STAND and my upcoming LEZ BOMB, I'm hoping the audience take away is the fact that coming out is universal. It's not just about sexuality. It's about the courage it takes to step into our truth and be honest with those closest to us, including ourselves. We're all navigating the messy experiences and feelings of life and given a particular duo of mind and imagination through which we process these experiences. Both GIRL NIGHT STAND and LEZ BOMB were born out of the way in which my mind digested coming out, and after much processing and imaginative reorganizing, I hope to successfully regurgitate these experiences back out to the world in a way that resonates with the audience.

Since both GIRL NIGHT STAND and LEZ BOMB are my anxiety filled personal stories, I'm now able to look back at these experiences through a comedic lens and add my voice to the current LGBT narrative."
Post-Screening Reception: DGA Atrium
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