preceded by Time Quest
U.S. Narrative Features
(USA, 2016, 100 min)
Blu-ray, QuickTime Pro-Res, DCP
Southern California Premiere
Directed By: Clay Liford

Director Statement

"There have been countless coming-of-age stories, but most of them reflect the era in which the filmmaker was raised, and as such they're basically period pieces. In the majority of them, the internet lies waiting in the future.

This is a story set firmly in the information age: an age when, for the first time ever, kids have more access to information in their own bedrooms than in the greatest of the world's libraries. This film is about getting your adult information from such a source, and how confusing and misguiding that can be. Especially when it comes to sex. This is about social networking and how even though this technology theoretically brings us closer together, it actually seems to drive us further apart.

Most high school stories center on the idea of the "outsider," and the internet has given us unfettered access to the ultimate outsiders (and outsider artists). The writers of slash fiction are so below the radar, so maligned and so taboo, I can't think of another group more outside the mainstream. This is a coming-of-age story for kids who don't get their own coming-of-age stories.

The bizarre nature of this story, and the oft-maligned subculture it brings to the fore, provide an opportunity to really explore the notion of being a teenage outsider in a more honest and far less sanitized way than I've seen in many years. These kids are outsiders amongst outsiders. They have to fend for themselves. And that extends to their sexual awakening. It's not meant to be explicit, but it's also not dumbed down. If there's one thing I hate, it's movies about kids that are didactic at best, condescending at worst.

I've devoted probably way too much time to my research, and I've pretty much fallen down the rabbit hole with regards to slash fiction. My initial response to reading numerous selections on the internet was revulsion. I didn't really understand what drove these fans to write "dirty" stories with virtually no chance of gaining mainstream exposure. But then I kept reading. And I began to read correspondences between authors in this surprisingly tight-knit group. And it all started to click. Sometimes in the most apparently debase or taboo lands, you find an understanding of human nature lacking in the oft-sanitized mainstream. I have a newfound appreciation for this form of personal expression. It's something grossly misunderstood, a subject full of humor and pathos. Something I want to introduce evenhandedly to the world and, by extension, project the message that itís okay to be unsure of who you are; to question. By embracing the most outre of outsiders, I feel we're embracing the part of ourselves we only reveal when the lights are out and we think nobody's looking. Let's light a tiny, 60 watt bulb here."
Post-Screening Reception: DGA Atrium
Screening Schedule
Sat, Jul 9th 6:30pm

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