The Cult
The Cult
preceded by Mad Ladders
Platinum Section
(Brazil, 2015, 70 min)
In Portuguese with English subtitles
Directed By: André Antônio

Director Statement

"Who lives in Recife has the impression that everything that is beautiful in terms of architecture and urban life is often being destroyed and degraded (by real estate speculation and with the connivance of the politicians). It's a real sensation of dystopia. The script for "The Cult" emerged from my desire to face this sensation. The film is set in a near future (the year 2040), when the rich have migrated to space colonies. The Earth is then abandoned and in ruins. The main character is a son of a wealthy family, but he's bored with the mediocrity of the colonies and decides to go back to his old house in Recife - a place that still fascinates him. The word "queer", before being used as a curse against non-normative forms of sexuality, meant everything that was strange, nuisance, exotic, rare. For me, a queer film should have those qualities, it should be aesthetically corrosive and not only a film with a LGBT theme. I had that in mind while I directed "The Cult". The main character has a blasé, ironic, and aestheticist sensibility. I tried to make a film that was not only about this character, but was itself, in its form, this character. I didn't meant to please a large audience, I wanted to make a film for the bored fags, those who enjoy plastic beauty, but at the same time never take this beauty too seriously. The film is not very concerned with the illusion of realism, the artifices are always shown to the spectators. And when they think that the narrative is about to give them some kind of very important message, there comes a little joke and then a comic feeling of frustration. I'm not a big fan of films that are too solemn. I know that many may find this quite disappointing. A lot of people watch films expecting an "important" message, a lesson. I think "The Cult", however, is for those who are more open to an audiovisual experience that is a little bit more provocative."
Screening Schedule
Sat, Jul 9th 7:15pm

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