Political Animals
Political Animals
Special Events
(USA, 2015, 88 min)
Directed By: Jonah Markowitz

Director Statement

"The Revolution is not Over. Though it seems as if we've transitioned into a "post-gay" culture, we're actually living through a legislative wild-west when it comes to concretely securing civil rights for Gay Americans. This is the time POLITICAL ANIMALS focuses on. Now. With strong historical context, we show how the work of four fearless trailblazers' in the 1990s can inspire a new generation to carry the torch and win this struggle, finally bringing true equality to all Americans

When we discovered that the first four openly Gay California Representatives were all women, and that it didn't happen until the 1990s, we instantly wanted to know how they were able to gain a seat at the table a gender anomaly in politics to say the least. What we learned was that they were trained in the women's movement and were more politically educated and acceptable than gay men at the time. Once in office, they became true political animals, passing groundbreaking and landmark legislation for LGBT equality.

These trailblazers not only inspired us, they ignited a fuse that slowly led to an explosion of liberties and acceptance. But, in the post Will-and-Grace, post Gay- Celebrity, and post "we all know a gay person" mentality of America, who is picking up and carrying the torch to the finish line?

The film was made to show how bringing the social issues most important to you from your dinner table to the streets, and then to the government is the only way to enact real, cumulative change for your brothers and sisters, your sons and daughters, and yourself. There is true liberty and justice for all. As long as we fight for it."
Post-Screening Reception: DGA Atrium
Screening Schedule
Thu, Jul 14th 5:00pm

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