The Revival: Women and The Word
The Revival: Women and The Word
Special Events
(USA, 2015, 82 min)
Directed By: Sekiya Dorsett
Moderator: Toni Bell

Director Statement

"Every story I create, creates me. I write to create myself." Octavia E. Butler once said. And like this great woman, everyday film saves me from myself and shapes my life.

I speak through my camera and when I can't express myself completely, I tell a story. I have a passion for crafting stories about those whom society keeps in the shadows. I strongly believe telling black stories is revolutionary and telling queer black stories are necessary and extraordinary. My first feature documentary, WOMEN AND THE WORD: THE REVIVAL MOVIE, fuses my personal story and my love for black women in an intimate portrait of 7 queer women of color as they travel cross country to bring their artistry to the world as they discover community and family. Because the black experience is non-monolithic, telling more varied stories are even more important. With this work, I, as well as the characters, come out of the shadows, and into the light.

All inspiration for my films is taken from my struggles. When I first moved to New York from the Bahamas 12 years ago, I felt out of place. I was still living with the insecurity of the closet. While I was miles away from my home country, I struggled to find my place. So I got behind the camera..But as I started to attend LGBT events and created a web series but I still did not see many faces like mine, queer women of color. The truth is that women of color exist on the outskirts of LGBTQ advocacy. Being shut out by both the African-American community and the white male dominated LGBT community.

When I heard about The Revival, a salon style poetry and music event held in living rooms, I was intrigued. When I stepped into a warm Brooklyn brownstone a few days later, it was a transformative experience. It was like looking in a mirror for the first time. Having a place where queer women of color can be seen and heard is vital for our well-being and critical for our collective voice. The following year, I was compelled to document the tour so that queer women around the world could witness the beauty of sisterhood and solidarity through art. In the tiny caravan with 7 dynamic queer women, I found myself. I discovered the depth of an experience when black women come together to find solutions, reconnect with family and ultimately find sisterhood. Because the intimacy of the van space, the film really feels that you have entered a different world with intimate shots. The camera follows the action and we get up close and personal with each character in true cinema verite style. There is no personal space in the film, the camera becomes an extension of the experience. I speak with my characters while filming and so they look directly into the camera, a style which will be powerful during screening as they look directly at the audience. I want the audience to walk away with a glimpse into the lives and struggles of queer women of color.

The Revival Movie is not just a film. It is creating a new cultural memory for women of color and the world. We are creating a new narrative that expands on the oversexualized archetype of the black women and the ongoing "conflict narrative" reality shows that women of color can't get along. As an artist, I want to develop work that forms new cultural memories that create debate about identity and challenge mainstream archetypes.

I have many labels. Bahamian. Black. Lesbian. Woman. But one that I treasure most is "Artist". It is through my art that I turn my lens on a world that can be combative. I know that creativity, honesty, and collaboration blooms when we allow ourselves to gather and exchange stories. Film turns that world into a place I can call home."
Screening Schedule
Fri, Jul 15th 7:15pm

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