Do You Take This Man (Modern Love)
Do You Take This Man (Modern Love)
U.S. Narrative Features
(USA, 2016, 92 min)
Blu-ray, HDCam, QuickTime Pro-Res,
World Premiere
Cast: Anthony Rapp, Jonathan Bennett, Alyson Hannigan, Thomas Dekker

Director Statement

"Film has an extraordinary power to reveal the secrets and nuance of everyday existence; what we see clearly in film, we find difficult to see in our own lives. The films I love and have been most inspired by have explored this domain of human behavior and motivation. Filmmakers like Richard Linklater, Hal Hartley, John Cassavetes, Woody Allen, John Hughes, Robert Altman, and Gus Van Sant all show the dramatic beauty of people living their lives. Their films enrich and empower our lives.

Not surprisingly, my initial interest and direction in film was documentary. Finding the meaningful and compelling story in a person's life and making that story accessible to an audience is an amazing process, and a real gift from the person being documented to us all. Making those films changed my life, and further drove home the power, importance, and significance of telling stories about regular people struggling to find meaning and direction in their lives. Watching a good film changes you. That is an extraordinary power, an awesome responsibility, and a real blessing to be able to do with one's life.

Our lives and our happiness are very much defined by our relationships, the ones we choose, and the ones we enter into the world with. MODERN LOVE explores the different kinds of relationships we have in our lives, the different kinds of commitments we make, and ultimately what it means to be married - the ultimate commitment of choice. I wanted to tell a story about two very different people and how their differences influence and impact their relationship with each other, and with the other people in their lives, for better and for worse.

While this film does revolve around a gay marriage, it is at its core simply a film about marriage. My intention in writing it was to remove the significance of the 'gay' or 'straight' descriptor and just write a film about the importance of the commitment of marriage. Presenting the story this way, with these universal relationship themes and issues, makes a statement without saying a word - in love we are all the same. Gay, straight, or otherwise is irrelevant. Anyone who chooses to enter into the incredibly difficult and incredibly rewarding commitment of marriage faces the same challenges and enjoys the same rewards.

I am a straight man who has been married for almost fourteen years. Gay marriage and gay rights are issues I believe strongly in, and it is my desire that this film, made from this perspective, helps to further the conversation about these issues in some small way. It is critically important for us all to continue to stand together and let our collective voices be heard in support of equality and human rights.

On our last day of shooting MODERN LOVE the Supreme Court of the United States wisely decided to make marriage equality the law of the land -- an exciting step forward in eliminating long-standing institutional discrimination. However, as we saw immediately afterward in places like Kentucky, and more recently in Georgia and North Carolina, there are still important battles to be fought to ensure equal rights for the LGBT community, and for all members of our society.

It is largely because of organizations like Outfest that the majority of Americans no longer see a difference between gay rights, and basic rights, and that marriage equality is now law. Again, the power of film is extraordinary, and perhaps unparalleled, in its ability to take us into worlds that are not our own, and bring us out the other side forever changed. Whether it's a documentary, or a well constructed narrative, walking for an hour or two in someone else's shoes is a true gift. Without independent film, many of these stories would never have the opportunity to be told, and for over 30 years, Outfest has been dedicated to sharing these films -- these gifts -- with the world. It is an honor and a pleasure to world premiere MODERN LOVE at Outfest 2016."
Screening Schedule
Sat, Jul 16th 8:30pm
Ford Theatres

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