U.S. Narrative Features
(USA, 2016, 90 min)
Blu-ray, QuickTime Pro-Res, DCP Enc
Los Angeles Premiere
Directed By: Nathan Adloff
Screenwriters: Nathan Adloff, Justin D.M. Palmer
Cast: Molly Shannon, Tim Boardman, Paul Reiser, Stephen Root, Missi Pyle, Annie Golden, Malcolm Gets, Ethan Phillips, Yeardley Smith, Romy Rosemont

Director Statement

"MILES is inspired by my life. When I was 14, my father died of a sudden heart attack. His death revealed to my family that he was having a secret and costly affair. By the time I was 17 (Miles's age), my Mom and I were completely different people.

The theme of learning from pain runs throughout the story very purposefully. Miles learns patience while enduring the ridicule of an entire town, and Pam finds self-confidence by defending her son. In MILES, pain leads to learning, which then leads to a happier life.

My writing partner and I pride ourselves on what our characters stand for and what they are trying to achieve, rather than focusing on their coming out stories. This movie is not just about a boy playing on a girls sports team. It is a love letter to unexpected childhoods."
Screening Schedule
Sat, Jul 16th 2:30pm

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