He Hated Pigeons
He Hated Pigeons
International Narrative Feat.
(Canada, 2015, 80 min)
In Spanish with English subtitles
Blu-ray, DCP
Directed By: Ingrid Veninger
Live Score Performed by: Kayla Briet

Director Statement

HE HATED PIGEONS is my 5th feature and it has been the most intense, not because I booked the crew's flights to Chile before I completed the script, or because I planned to primarily shoot in a language (Spanish) that I don't speak, or because I wrote the lead role for an actor whose work I had never seen, but because every step of the process had to allow for the added uncertainty of a live-score. The idea of different musicians, in each city, improvising their own music was a commitment that influenced and informed every choice in making this film -- from writing and shooting, through editing and sound design. There was no way the live-score could be a gimmick, it needed to be intrinsically woven into the fabric of the film so that it became essential.

HE HATED PIGEONS deals with letting go. Life is uncertain. Filmmaking is uncertain. And, I want the audience to feel something which has its own intrinsic impermanence. So every public presentation will be a one-time-only event. The only note the musicians receive from me is "no music in the first six minutes" and after that they have total creative freedom. Never recorded, never repeated. To experience HE HATED PIGEONS, you have to show up.
Screening Schedule
Thu, Jul 14th 9:45pm

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