U.S. Narrative Features
(USA, 2015, 98 min)
Blu-ray, QuickTime Pro-Res, dvd, DC
Southern California Premiere
Directed By: Nick Corporon
Moderator: Ari Karpel
Introduction by: Matt Severson

Director Statement

"If you look back at the short film work that has led me to making RETAKE you'll find a familiar thread: love that doesn't last. If running time is real estate, then I'm so glad to finally have the acreage to make RETAKE.

We've all been there before. Fresh off of heartbreak, we look for someone who reminds us of that person that just exited our life. ""I'm going to find another you,"" we tell ourselves.

That strange, flawed, unhealthy thought is the foundation of RETAKE. Our main character Jonathan (Tuc Watkins) is stuck in the past, desperate to relive one brief moment of happiness in his life. But it takes two to tango, so he employs our second lead, a nameless hustler, whom Jonathan hires and dubs ""Brandon"", to fill out the relationship (Devon Graye) on a road trip across the American Southwest.

With ""Brandon"" I wanted to look at the blank-slate psyche of a young gay man who doesn't know who he is. Eager to please, great at seduction, but empty. But he's soulful, lives in the moment...he's the opposite of Jonathan.

With the conflict of past vs. present and these two characters struggling to find a connection, a new authentic relationship emerges, one that tries to escape the haunted weight of the role-play.

It was very important for me that the story was set on the burnt out, long abandoned roads of the American Southwest to capture that reverie of something long gone. It wasn't difficult finding motor motels in Los Angeles that haven't since the Route 66 days.

With very little money and 18 days to shoot a 90 page script at over 40 locations, it was a battle. But thank god film is a collaboration and that I had master artists like actors Tuc Watkins and Devon Graye at my side. I'm so grateful for the visuals of cinematography Collin Brazie, the editing of Thom Newell, and the music of Mike Meehan.

Past and present; artificial vs. authentic...two broken souls on a road trip, desperate to find a connection. I wanted to make a film with strong emotions, deeply rich, mysterious characters, and a story that ends realistically, but unexpectedly."
Pre-Screening Reception: DGA Atrium
Screening Schedule
Thu, Jul 14th 9:30pm

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