Suicide Kale
Suicide Kale
U.S. Narrative Features
(USA, 2015, 78 min)
Southern California Premiere
Directed By: Carly Usdin

Director Statement

"On July 26th, 2015, Brittani emailed me an outline of what would become SUICIDE KALE. In it she said, ""we should DO THIS. And MORE THINGS because WHY NOT,"" and she was absolutely right. We had both just seen the film TANGERINE and were very inspired by the idea of creating opportunities and telling the stories about people like us. That was the driving force behind our small little team shooting and finishing a feature film in 3 months.

It was an experiment; the worst-case scenario would be that we hung out with our friends for a few days, learned some things and produced something that was unwatchable. We figured we had nothing to lose. On the last day of August we began shooting in Jasika's perfectly art directed home with the smallest crew imaginable. (myself directing and running sound, my wife Robin shooting on 2-3 cameras simultaneously using only available light with a few friends as rotating PAs).

Then I went into a fugue state and when I came out of it 6 weeks later I had finished editing. On November 7th, we screened the film for the cast and crew, colleagues and friends, and it became clear that this was a best-case scenario: we made a film!Without really knowing it, our crew of queer women had made a no-budget indie feature starring mostly queer women of color. One of our friends called it ""mumblequeer"" which I love. Hello, we created a genre! SUICIDE KALE is my first feature. If people only take one thing away from seeing the film, I hope it's that a group of talented, creative women is a very powerful thing. This was one of the most inspiring, educational and exciting experiences of my life and I can't wait to do it again."
Pre-Screening Reception: All-Girl Friday
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