OutSet – FAQ


What is OutSet?
OutSet, a collaboration between the Los Angeles LGBT Center and Outfest, empowers LGBTQ youth ages 16-24 to share their stories through film. This program selects 15 diverse Fellows to participate over the course of 6 months (January-July)  in a storytelling and filmmaking lab focused on collaboration and mastering a successful production, culminating in 5 short films.


What is the next step after I submit my application?
The OutSet application will close on November 9th.  The top candidates will be invited to interview during the first 2 weeks of December.  


What is the class schedule?
OutSet will meet twice a week, Thursday evenings (6pm-9:30 pm), and Saturday mornings (10am-2pm). Classes will start on January 10th, and end on June 27th.


If accepted into the program, what is the time commitment?
The time commitment is class twice a week, in addition to 2-4 hours of homework each week.  Each fellow will be working in groups of 3 to make a short film and is required to help on set with 2 additional films.


Does this program cost money?
No. If selected for the OutSet program, you will not be expected to pay for anything.  The filmmaking classes, film equipment, and anything else you may need to complete the program will be provided.  To be part of this program you must be able to transport yourself to and from class twice a week and have access to a computer to complete homework assignments.


What is Models of Pride?
Models of Pride is the world’s largest FREE conference for LGBTQ youth & allies, including parents & professionals. Taking place on Sunday, October 20 at Cal State Los Angeles, the full-day event includes an Opening Session, over 130 workshops, lunch, a resource fair, college fair, job fair, dinner, entertainment hour, and outdoor dance party – all free!