We’d like to thank and acknowledge the California Community Foundation and funders below for awarding Outfest a major grant through the The LA Arts Recovery Fund to provide multi-year operating support. As a longstanding organization in Los Angeles for 40 years, we’re excited to continue to work on our core mission and programs that give visibility to LGBTQIA+ stories worldwide.


Outfest®, est. 1982 is one of the only global LGBTQIA+ arts, media and entertainment organizations whose programs empower artists, communities and filmmakers to transform the world through their stories, while also supporting the entire life-cycle of their career. Our programs include:


Jerry and Terri Kohl

Robert Lovelace and Alicia Miñana

Perenchio Family Fund

Sony Global Relief Fund

And others

You can help magnify the power of this grant by making a donation today:

Outfest is the leading regional and national organization that promotes equality by creating, sharing and protecting LGBTIA+ stories on screen. We exist to inspire and mentor storytellers from across the queer spectrum, from rural and urban communities, to build, affirm and empower new voices, to promote equality and equity, and to change lives through the power of the moving image. This gift will be the single largest gift Outfest has received in our 39 year history and while this grant is inspirational, we continue to need your help to expand our impact and grow our programs.