Trips, Friends, Night & Destiny (Los viajes, los amigos, la noche y el destino)

Director: Gabriel Ordonez, Gabriel Marin

2019 | Argentina, Venezuela, Mexico | 9m | Spanish

Two strangers meet, and decide to spend an adventurous evening together.

Starring: Carlos Luis Albarran Holmquist, Antonio Zamora, Barbara Gutierrez

Playing in shorts program: Surrealness

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Gabriel Ordonez, Gabriel Marin

Creators of the webseries Tropic of Chance in 2015 (official selection BAWEBFEST 2016). In 2017 they produce together the short film Pangea, premiered at the Roze Filmdagen festival (Netherlands). Best Actor and Best Original Music award winner at the Manuel Trujillo Duran Short Film Festival 2018 (Venezuela)

Director's Statement

Trips, friends, night and destiny is a very personal story about two strangers sharing a special night. It’s a love story, but it’s also about solitude and finding your equal: someone as lonely as you. It’s about creating a link with a person living miles away from you.

The creative process of this project was a very deep experience for us. We were reunited to shoot in Buenos Aires after three years being apart, living in different countries.

It was a chance to reconnect with old friends, bring in new friends, strengthen alliances, building a team, and the most important: realizing how much we love telling our stories and creating content for our LGBTQ community.

It’s also very important for us, because after making several shortfilms together, this is the first time we decide to talk about love from a subtle perspective: the origins of attraction and affection, the curiosity… when it all starts.

Two of our best friends became our protagonists, none of them were actual actors, but we felt their emotions on every take. This experiences deepened the connections of everyone involved. It brought us closer, and left us feeling touched by the nature of the story.

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