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All Boys Aren't Blue
Directed by: Nathan Hale Williams

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2020 | USA | 40m | English

Actors Bernard David Jones, Dyllon Burnside, Thomas Hobson, and Jenifer Lewis bring to life the words of Black non-binary author George Matthew Johnson’s transparent and sparkling memoir, aided by director Nathan Hale Williams’ visual poetry. Tackling issues of Black masculinity and Black queerness in relationship to Blackness, each character represents Johnson at different stages of their life, chronicling their story of growing up and challenging gender identity norms, as well as learning to adapt to HIV/AIDS.

Starring: Dyllon Burnside, Jenifer Lewis, Bernard David Jones, Thomas Hobson

*Available only in the US

Nathan Hale Williams

Nathan Hale Williams is a Black Enterprise Magazine Modern Man of Excellence® and a two- time NAACP Image Award nominee. He is an award-winning filmmaker, a best-selling author and an entertainment attorney. Film: Dirty Laundry (Fox); 90 Days (Revolt); Burden; It Can Be Done; The Ski Trip (MTV), Love for Passion, and, Blackbird (RLJ Ent.). Television: Sesame Street; My Model Looks Better Than Your Model (BET); Leading Women (Centric); The American Candidate (Showtime); and, Girls Who Like Boys (Sundance Channel). A proud native of Chicago, Nathan has authored five books and is an honors graduate of George Washington University Law School.

Director's Statement

Non-binary author and journalist, George Matthew Johnson’s transparent and sparkling memoir, All Boys Aren’t Blue is the perfect source material for this film, which highlights three pivotal moments in George’s life that shaped their understanding of their place in the world. The way in which George unapologetically and skillfully chronicles their story of growing up Black and queer in America, challenging gender identity norms as well as learning to adapt to HIV/AIDS is indeed a manifesto for our society to look at the issues of Black masculinity and Black queerness in relationship to Blackness.

Being able to translate George’s word into a cinematic experience was indeed a cathartic gift as it harkened to many memories of my own childhood growing up Black and gay on Chicago’s southside. However, as specific as George’s essays are each one is equally universal and broadly relatable. We’ve all dealt with feelings of otherness and questioning our space and purpose in society. From the memories of getting their teeth kicked out by bullies at age five, to flea marketing with George’s loving grandmother, to pledging a Black Greek fraternity, this film highlights and dramatizes pivotal aspects depicted in George’s bestselling and acclaimed young-adult memoir. All Boys Aren’t Blue weaves together the trials and triumphs faced by Black queer boys. It also captures the essence of fighting to define yourself and your life on your own terms. With stellar performances from Jenifer Lewis, Dyllón Burnside, Bernard David Jones and Thomas Hobson, this film not only brings to life George’s amazing words; it also lights a flame for all of us to live our lives authentically and out loud.


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