Thursday, March 2

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Brittani Nichols

No Money, No Problem: Creating Content on Your Own Terms
With Brittani Nichols

Producing your own content is easier than ever, but truthfully — it’s still pretty hard. Hear what it really takes (and doesn’t take) to make a web series and a feature film for a few thousand dollars, learn to become your own gatekeeper, and empower yourself and your community to stop waiting for permission to take creative endeavors into your own hands.

Brittani Nichols is a writer and performer from Chicago. Words With Girls, a comedy pilot which she starred in and created, was produced as part of Issa Rae’s Color Creative TV. Nichols has a recurring role on Transparent Season 2. She has two podcasts: Brand New Podcast and Hamilton the Podcast. Suicide Kale, the award-winning feature that she produced, wrote, and starred in, is currently on the festival circuit. When not performing in Los Angeles, she enjoys playing basketball, frequenting diners others look down on, and eating overpriced ice cream.

Saturday, March 4

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Virtual Reality & Human Rights
with Favio Florencio

Virtual reality content is a powerful tool that can be used to explore perspectives outside of our own lived experience, making it an effective platform to elicit empathy and express the struggle for human rights. Flavio Florencio will walk you through how to create content that allows the viewer to overcome the physical, social, and emotional boundaries that separate us from the world around us, with the goal of bringing an end to prejudice and discrimination.

Flavio Florencio is an award winning filmmaker based in Mexico and Los Angeles. His first feature-length documentary Made in Bangkok played at Outfest Fusion in 2016 and won several awards at film festivals around the globe, including Guadalajara, Palm Springs, and the LGBTTI festival of Chile.  Flavio also developed the first African Film Festival in Latin America, AFRICALA.  Currently, Florencio serves as a coordinator at the National University of Mexico (UNAM), and is the director and host of the VICE series TRANS that portrays the trans culture in Mexico.

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One-Minute Filmmaking Incubator Lab
With Marla Ulloa and Nidhin Patel

Have a story to tell but not sure where to start? Come learn the tools and techniques of one-minute movie making at this incubator lab, the modern-day workshop that will teach you how to make high-quality films using what you already have. Let us show you that one minute is all it takes to tell a complete story. You will leave inspired and ready to create your own film!

A Los Angeles native, Marla Ulloa is a filmmaker and educator who is committed to creating stories that highlight underrepresented voices. Ulloa recently finished editing the documentary Sands of Silence: Waves of Courage on sexual exploitation and trafficking, which recently won the 2016 Biznaga de Plata Award at the Malaga Film Festival in Spain. Her short film I Know Who I Am is the winner of the 2016 Outfest Fusion One-Minute Movie Grand Jury Award.

Nidhin Patel holds a Masters in Communication and works in creative communication. He is about to finish his MFA in TV, Film and Theater, and is currently in post-production for his thesis film. Meanwhile, he teaches Film and Journalism at Cal State LA, looks after his childlike curiosity, and stays away from social media (for whatever reason).

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Designing Dynamic Dialogue
With Ean Weslynn

An intensive course dissecting the anatomy of great scenes of dialogue. We will study scenes by the best dialogue authors of our time (Whedon, Sorkin, etc.) to illuminate all the tips and tricks to cleverly convey exposition and to create truly unique and memorable conversations.

Weslynn is a writer-actor-producer who specializes in the digital space. In addition to creating the award-winning web series Day Drunk Gays, he regularly writes for The Advocate, Buzzfeed, and Elite Daily.

Sunday, March 5

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Making a Movie on Your Smartphone
With Deondray and Quincy Gossfield LeNear

Want to learn how to use what you’ve got (your smartphone and the editing software that comes with it) and make quality films with what you have available? Join this session for an interactive crash course in storytelling, producing, camera operation, lighting techniques, editing, and using social media distribution to get your work seen.

Deondray and Quincy Gossfield LeNear have produced, written, directed, and even acted their way all over town. They are the creators and executive producers of the TV series The DL Chronicles and the new series The DL Chronicles RETURNS. They were the recipients of 2014’s Rolf/Uribe Models of Pride Award. They also produce numerous reality TV shows, such as ABC’s The Family Dance Off, NBC’s The Sing-Off, and MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew. They are currently writing and developing feature films and are in development on numerous scripted drama series and original reality TV series.

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Archive & Thrive: Digitizing Film & Video
With Taylor Morales

Do you have films or home movies trapped on formats you no longer have the equipment to play? Then this workshop is for you. Bring your VHS, MiniDV, and 8mm film and learn how to transfer your content to the digital realm using film and video transfer equipment from USC’s Hugh M. Hefner Moving Image Archive. We will also go over the basics of film preservation and care.

Taylor Morales is the manager of the Outfest UCLA Legacy Project, the only program in the world devoted to preserving LGBT films at risk of becoming lost due to deterioration and neglect. To date, the Legacy Project has restored 26 films and holds a collection with over 36,000 items at the UCLA Film & Television Archive. In addition to her work at Outfest, Taylor works at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

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Finding Your Story
With Andrew Ahn

Do you have an interesting idea for a film but don’t know how to develop it into a full story? How do you go from an idea, feeling, or image to writing a screenplay? In this workshop, you will learn how to pull from your own personal experiences to enrich your work. As a class, we will participate in writing exercises that inspire the imagination and will help you brainstorm story possibilities.

Andrew Ahn is a queer Korean-American filmmaker born and raised in Los Angeles. His feature film Spa Night premiered at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival in the US Dramatic Competition and won the US Grand Jury Prize at Outfest. Ahn has participated in the Sundance Screenwriters Lab, the Film Independent Screenwriting Lab, and the Film Independent Directing Lab.


Monday, March 6



One Man Show: Producing, Directing, Starring in Your Own Movie
With Barney Cheng

Writer-director Barney Cheng will use this class to share the journey of his film, Baby Steps, from coming up with the story concept to the making of the film. The class will inspire writers, filmmakers, and actors to create projects from their own unique experiences and background.

Cheng landed on the Hollywood map as an actor in 2002 with his acclaimed performance in Woody Allen’s Hollywood Ending. In addition to acting, Cheng is an award-winning writer-director. Cheng’s Chinese-English language feature film Baby Steps received the Tribeca Film Institute’s All-Access Award in 2014, as well as jury and audience choice awards for best feature at numerous festivals.