Wednesday, March 1

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Cheetah in August

Dir: Anthony Newsome-Bawn, 2016, USA, English, 51 min.
In the second season of this popular webseries, August Chandler (also known as “Cheetah”) is once again at the center of an intricate web of drama. Struggling at work, he finally saves the day, only to be brought down by an enemy from his past. Meanwhile, his colleague Autumn explores a new facet of her sexuality, and everyone’s plans are thrown into disarray when Chanel comes back from prison.

Thursday, March 2

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Yu Tu Mama

Y Tu Mamá También

Dir. Alfonso Cuarón, 2001, Mexico, Spanish with English subtitles, 106 min.
With their girlfriends in Europe for the summer, best friends Julio (Gael García Bernal) and Tenoch (Diego Luna) decide to embark on a road trip through Mexico with a lively, seductive older woman who helps them better understand themselves and the nature of their friendship. Directed by Alfonso Cuarón (Gravity, Children of Men), this contemporary classic launched the careers of its director and stars.

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The LatinX Files: Queer Shorts

Fresh short films exploring the intersectionalities of latinx identities and what living at these crossroads reveal about who we are.

Que Siga La Cumbia

(Dir. Candy Guinea, 2015, USA, English/Spanish with English subtitles, 8 min.)
Queer and trans people sanctify public space amidst gentrification.

400 Miles

(Dir. Felix Martiz, 2015, USA, English/Spanish with English subtitles, 30 min.)
At his father’s request, a young man returns home to make peace with the man he vowed never to see again.


(Dir. Florencia Manovil, 2016, USA, English, 16 min.)
Claudia’s night out with friends is disrupted by an encounter with the captivating Isabel.

Get The Life

(Dir. Ozzy Villazòn, 2016, USA, English, 12 min.)
A transgender teenager risks losing everything he loves in order to live courageously.

In The Paint

(Dir. Ashton Pina, 2016, USA, English, 7 min.)
Before entering the NBA Draft, Kollin must make a life-changing decision.

The Sweetspot

(Dir. Kimberly Bautista, 2016, USA, English, 18 min.)
A diverse group of friends approach their 30s and realize that they’re no closer to traditional adulthood than when they were fresh out of high school.

Friday, March 3

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(Dir. Barry Jenkins, 2016, USA, English, 111 min.)
Playwright Tarell Alvin McCraney’s play In Moonlight Black Boys Look Blue became the basis of one of 2016’s most acclaimed films, a rare example of mainstream cinema exploring the lives of LGBT people of color. Over the course of three sections, we see young Chiron mature from childhood (where he is played by Alex Hibbert) to adolescence (Ashton Sanders) to adulthood (Trevante Rhodes), overcoming an abusive mother (Naomie Harris) and violent homophobia. Extraordinary performances and empathetic writing and direction (from Barry Jenkins) combine for a uniquely powerful and poetic examination of queer life.

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Santa Y Andrés

Dir: Carlos Lechuga, 2016, Cuba/Colombia/France, Spanish with English subtitles, 105 min.
Publicly gay novelist Andrés (Eduardo Martínez) has been banned by the Cuban government from writing another word. With a political rally coming up, they intend to keep Andrés under close scrutiny in order to prevent him from communicating with the press. Enter Santa (Lola Amores), who is sent to Andrés’s countryside home to watch him over the course of three days. Despite their mutual distrust and suspicion, the pair find themselves quietly questioning their allegiances and ultimately coming to understand one another. Director Carlos Lechuga (Melaza) delivers a thoughtful, relevant rumination on the notions of hatred and tolerance in his second feature film.

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No Place Like Home: Queer Asian Shorts

Asian families are known for their strong bonds; but sometimes the love, expectations and sense of duty can cause overwhelming pressure. These five films each bring a different sensibility, but the protagonists are united by their yearning for understanding, acceptance, and love.


(Dir. BUM, 2015, South Korea, Korean with English subtitles, 11 min. )
A Korean young man is disturbed by an intruder while studying at home with his best friend.

The Right Bank

(Dir. Yvonne Li, 2016, USA, English/Chinese with English subtitles, 22 min.)
A Chinese lesbian must come out to her conservative mother in order to save her relationship with her American girlfriend.


(Dir. Yudho Aditya, 2016, Indonesia/USA, Bahasa with English subtitles, 22 min.)
A teenager from rural Indonesia longs for a kiss before his arranged wedding day.


(Dir. Mei Liying, 2016, China, Chinese with English subtitles, 26 min.)
An adolescent girl in China discovers her mother’s secret, which disrupts her family life.

Escaping Agra

(Dir. Pallavi Somusetty, 2016, USA/India, English, 23 min.)
A gender non-conforming student runs away from their traditional Indian parents.

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Spectrum London

Dir: Campbell X/Jon Maguire/Tim Porter, 2016, UK, English, 90 min.
Hailing from the vibrant, bustling, and gritty streets of London, this web series gives a rare and intimate glimpse into the daily trials and tribulations of those living under the LGBTQ umbrella.  Following the lives, loves, and lusts of its diverse cast, Spectrum London will take you on a thrilling and often heartbreaking rollercoaster ride, the likes of which we’ve rarely seen. From director Campbell X (Stud Life), writer Jake Graf (Dawn), and producer Monica Y. Dee.

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Dir: Ricardo Gamboa & Reshmi Hazra Rustebakke, 2016, USA, English, 30 min.
This queer-of-color web series that follows four gay Latino grad students who are also witches. This quartet tries to survive the school semester and a witch hunt led by the wealthy, white, male, heteronormative descendants of the first New World colonizers. Brown, queer, and raised in Chicago’s working-class Southside communities, Gamboa wrote Brujos to center on the lives of people of color and queer and non-normative people who are often absent in media representation. This is the supernatural soap you’ve always wanted to see!

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Cherry Pop

Dir. Assaad Yacoub, 2016, USA, English, 77 min.
Imagine your favorite stars from RuPaul’s Drag Race working at a nightclub together. When a young performer, known only as “The Cherry,” arrives at the club to take part in his first show, he triggers drama and diva antics galore. Backstage, all hell breaks loose among the queens, but the show, of course, must go on. From director Assaad Yacoub comes this hilarious romp that skillfully examines what it is to be an outcast among outcasts. Starring Bob The Drag Queen, Detox, and Latrice Royale.

Saturday, March 4

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No Dress Code Required

Dir. Cristina Herrera Bórquez, 2017, Mexico, Spanish with English subtitles, 94 min.
Stylists Victor and Fernando have made many Mexicali brides look beautiful on their wedding day. When these two partners decide to marry each other, they begin a complicated journey that requires them to navigate Baja California’s legal system and its labyrinthine bureaucracies. But neither bomb threats nor accusations regarding their mental health will stop these two determined men from marrying each other in their hometown. Fresh from its recent win at the Palm Springs International Film Festival, this compelling and poignant documentary reminds us that the fight for global marriage equality is nowhere near over.

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Angry Indian Goddess

Dir: Pan Nalin, 2015, India, Hindi with English subtitles, 104 min.
When a photographer gathers her college friends together for a rambunctious bachelorette party, secrets are revealed and loyalties are called into question. India’s first female buddy comedy is surprisingly frank and uproariously entertaining, showing that the most satisfying celebrations come with compassionate catharsis. Join us and see why the film has attracted a devoted audience in India and around the world. Winner of the Toronto Inside Out Film Festival (2016).

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Lan Yu

Dir. Stanley Kwan, 2001, Hong Kong/China, Mandarin with English subtitles, 86 min.
Based on an anonymously-written Internet novel, adapted by an openly gay director, and shot in Bejing without government permission, it is no surprise this film was banned by Chinese government censors. Nevertheless, it found success and acclaim from critics and audiences around the world. Centered on the epic romance between a powerful businessman and a university student in the 1980s, the film offers both social critique and superb melodrama. Revisit this beloved film from the Outfest UCLA Legacy Project archive.

Preceded by Called Home (Dir: Jason Piemnoppakao, 2016, USA, English, 8 min.)
After coming out, Kal returns home from college expecting an accepting environment, but quickly notices his father’s hostility.

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Special Presentation: Netflix’s One Day at a Time

Netflix’s newest hit show follows three generations of a Cuban-American family living in the same house: a newly-divorced nurse and veteran (Justina Machado), her teenage lesbian daughter (Isabella Gomez) and tween son (Marcel Ruiz), and her old-school mother (the legendary Rita Moreno). From Gloria Calderon Kellet (How I Met Your Mother) and Mike Royce (Everybody Loves Raymond) comes this reboot of the classic ’70s show from Norman Lear (The Jeffersons, Good Times). Join us after the screening for a conversation with executive producer Norman Lear, co-creators Gloria Calderon Kellett and Mike Royce, writers Becky Mann and Michelle Badillo, and stars Justina Machado and Isabella Gomez.

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Black Queer Magic: Shorts from the African Diaspora

A series of shorts featuring black LGBTQ characters from around the world. From a powerful tale of a woman fighting for the one she loves, to the realities of entering a barber shop in America as a gay man, this collection of films showcase multiple facets of what it means to be black and LGBTQ.

Behind Closed Doors

(Dir. Max Cole, 2016, USA, English, 10 min.)
Two parents with two very different opinions have a raw and honest conversation about their son coming out of the closet.


(Dir. Carlton Daniel Jr., 2016, USA, English, 15 min.)
Cooper is eager to take his relationship to the next level, but when his boyfriend floats the idea of an open relationship, he has to rethink all of his previous expectations.

Shape Up: Gay in the Black Barbershop

(Dir. Derrick L. Middleton, 2016, USA, English, 29 min.)
A critical look at New York black barbershop culture, usually thought of as a safe, familial gathering place, and how young queer men are treated there.


(Dir. Cecilie McNair, 2016, Denmark, English/Danish/Swahili with English subtitles, 20 min.)
After fleeing Uganda after she and her girlfriend faced horrible terrors, Mary fights to stay in Denmark where she feels safe.

Our Skin

(Dir. João Queiroga, 2016, USA/Portugal, English, 17 min.)
In this unflinching portrayal of anonymous intimacy, a late-night phonecall brings two unlikely strangers together as they discuss gender, sexuality, PTSD, and the basic human need to connect.

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Chee and T

Dir. Tanuj Chopra, 2016, USA, English, 80 min.
Depicting a different side of Silicon Valley, this story centers on two down-on-their luck debt collectors tasked with making sure their boss’ nephew makes it to his own engagement party. The only problem: this nephew is a drug-addled hooligan who cheerfully sabotages their efforts. Winner of the Special Jury Prize for Comedy at the LA Film Festival, Chopra’s latest effort revitalizes the buddy comedy while exploring questions of sexual identity and familial obligation.

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Special Presentation: Fox Network’s Star

Check out an unaired episode of Fox’s hottest new show and hear from some special guests. Academy Award nominee Lee Daniels—creator of Empire—partners with Tom Donaghy (The Whole Truth) to pull back the curtain on the music scene’s gritty reality in Star. Featuring a soundtrack of original music and stunning musical performances, Star follows three talented singers desperate for a break, as they navigate the cutthroat music business on their road to stardom – featuring Queen Latifah, Benjamin Bratt, Miss Lawrence. Join Lee Daniels, Miss Lawrence, Brittany O’Grady, Ryan Destiny and more for a q/a to follow the screening.

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Apricot Groves

Dir. Pouria Heidary Oureh, 2016, Armenia, Armenian with English subtitles, 80 min.
Aram, an Iranian-Armenian trans man living in the U.S. since childhood, returns to Armenia to meet his girlfriend’s conservative family. Over the course of the day-long journey, Aram’s brother helps him prepare for the meeting, while also coming to terms with Aram’s transition. Written and directed by Pouria Heidary Oureh, this quiet and introspective film beautifully illustrates the bittersweetness of reconnecting with a culture that may not be accepting of who you have become.

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The Fusion Gala

Celebrating and uniting queer communities of color and our allies, join us for one of the most fun events on the Outfest calendar. We kick-off by honoring an individual leading the charge in QPOC storytelling, followed by a remarkable line-up of compelling, funny, and engaging short films. The party continues in the courtyard with a hot dance party and hosted bar. It’s a night not to be missed!


(Dir: Leann Bowen, USA, English, 2016, 11 min.)
Two sidekicks figure out their lives without a main character.

Private Dick: Buying Dick

(Dir: Ken Sawyer, USA, English, 2016, 7 min.)
A comedic series about the life of a trans masculine private investigator of color and how he navigates his relationships with his partner in crime, partner in life, and his mother.

Walk For Me

(Dir: Elegance Bratton, USA, English, 2016, 12 min.)
A teenager explores their gender identity by voguing as a girl named Hanna; this is the night her two worlds collide.

According to My Mother

(Dir: Cathy Yan, USA, English/Korean with English subtitles, 2015, 18 min.)
Daniel and his mother only have each other, but Daniel’s mom is a stern, Korean, devout Christian while Daniel is a gay New Yorker struggling to make it as an actor. A biting and funny portrait of a perfectly tense familial relationship.


(Dir: April A. Wilson, USA, English, 2016, 8 min.)
Rose, in an assisted living facility and deeply aware of the passage of time, unexpectedly falls for another resident, Bea; but with her memory failing, she reflects on this love before she forgets entirely.

Get the Life

(Dir. Ozzy Villazòn, 2016, USA, English, 12 min.)
A transgender teenager risks losing everything he loves in order to live courageously.

Line 9

(Dir: Tavo Ruiz, 2016, Germany/Mexico, Spanish with English subtitles, 17 min.)
When Andrés and Miguel’s paths cross on a subway ride, it seems like the beginning of a new romance, but Andrés doesn’t know which direction to take.


(Dir. Petersen Vargas, 2015, Philippines, 4 min.)
Two girls fall in and out of love through the course of a day, in reverse.

Sunday, March 5

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Forbidden: Undocumented and Queer in Rural America

Dir. Tiffany Rhynard, 2016, USA, English and Spanish with English subtitles, 82 min.
When Moises Serrano was a baby, his parents risked everything to flee Mexico in search of the American Dream. Growing up in the rural South as an undocumented gay man, forbidden to live and love in the country he calls home, Serrano sees only one option: to fight for justice and equality. Driven by a deep love for his family members, who have come to accept being treated as invisible, Moises seeks to change the world.

Preceded by Ribbons (Dir: Brandon Cordeiro, 2015, USA, English, 9 min.)
In this love letter to Provincetown, Brandon Cordeiro revisits a public AIDS memorial that his mother took him to as a child.

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In Living Color: QPOC Representation in the Media (Panel)

We so rarely see positive depictions of people who look like us in the media. Gil Robertson, the president of the African American Film Critics Association, examines QPOC representation over the past year, assessing when the media got it right—recognizing our intersecting identities as LGBTQ people of color—and when they didn’t. The conversation will include the news media, as well as film and television. Join us for this urgent discussion as we hold the media under the microscope and ask whether we’re moving closer toward honest and accurate portrayals of our community.

1:30pm (Egyptian Theatre – Spielberg) BUY TICKETS NOW

Still We Rise

And Still We Rise

Dir. Nancy Nicol & Richard Lusimbo, 2015, Canada, English, 70 min.
Just months after the first-ever LGBT pride celebration in Uganda, a stunning bill passes the national legislature: the Anti-Homosexual Act. This film documents the devastating effects of this act, as well as the brave leaders at the forefront of its resistance. Directed by two of these leaders—Richard Lusimbo and Nancy Nicol—as they and their loved ones are targeted, the film serves as an up-close and personal tribute to the power of community.

2:00pm (TCL Chinese Theatres 6) BUY TICKETS NOW


Out Run

Dir. S. Leo Chiang & Johnny Symons, 2016, USA/Philippines, English/Tagalog with English subtitles, 75 min.
Facing the harsh, transphobic climate of the Philippines, three transgender hairdressers and beauty queens attempt to make history by running for office as candidates of the Ladlad party—the world’s first LGBT political party. Taking to the streets, they make themselves exceedingly visible. This rousing documentary reaches beyond just personal narratives, following the historic struggle of the Ladlad party in its attempt to bring its constituents out of the shadows to fight for representation.

3:30 (Egyptian Theatre – Spielberg) BUY TICKETS NOW


Jewel’s Catch One

Dir. C. Fitz, 2016, USA, English, 85 min.
Breaking down racial and cultural barriers and building the oldest Black-owned disco in America, Jewel’s story celebrates the music, fashion, celebrities, and activism that helped changed the course of our country. Heralded as the “Studio 54 of the West Coast,” this documentary highlights some of the best music in the last four decades, featuring Sharon Stone, Thelma Houston, Sandra Bernhard, Bonnie Pointer, CCH Pounder, and Madonna plus thousands that danced under the legendary disco ball.

4:00pm (TCL Chinese Theatres 6) BUY TICKETS NOW


Comedy InvAsion Presents: Queer, Asian, and Funny!

Comedy InvAsian is a sneak peek of an upcoming filmed series featuring the nation’s top Asian-American comedians—D’Lo, Nik Dodani, Atsuko Okatsuka, and Robin Tran—performing live. In an era where diversity in entertainment is a necessity, Comedy InvAsian is the brainchild effort of producers Koji Steven Sakai and Quentin Lee to showcase and celebrate the diversity of Asian-American comedy.

Tuesday, March 7

7:00 – 9:00pm (California African American Museum) RSVP NOW


Outfest Fusion Finale Party

We close out 2017 Outfest Fusion with our annual screening of the One-Minute Movie Contest submissions. Come cast your vote for the audience favorite and see which film the judges pick. In between listen to sounds spinning from the DJ, grab a drink from the hosted bar, enjoy the atmosphere at the stunning California African American Museum, and meet new friends. Best part – its all free.