The Man-Woman Case & Other Animated Tales


Beautifully illustrating the complexity of the queer experience in both its exhilarations and travails, this compilation of sometimes absurd, sometimes moving, but always intimate stories is a feast for the eyes and the soul. The fluidity and ethereal nature of animation are used to explore parent-son relationships, bask in a bawdy feminist fairy tale, reminisce on young summer love, and follow the noir epic of Eugene Falleni, the true story of a 1920s trans man running from the law.


Manivald (Dir: Chintis Lundgren, 12 min.)

Venus – Filly The Little Lesbian Fairy (Vênus – Filó A Fadinha Lésbica) (Dir: Sávio Leite, 6 min.)

Contact (Dir: Léa Bancelin, 6 min.)

The Fish Curry (Maacher Jhol) (Dir: Abhishek Verma, 12 min.)

Flash Flood (Dir. Alli MacKay, 6 min.)

The Man-Woman Case (Dir: Anaïs Caura, 45 min.)

SAT | July 14 | REDCAT | 2:00 PM