Strangers & Féminin/Féminin


Catch up with some of the most charming, bold, and relatable ladies on either side of the US-Canadian border, in the second seasons of these fresh episodic series. When we last left Isobel in Facebook’s “Strangers” (our 2017 US Centerpiece), she was exploring her newfound bisexuality while navigating the stream of random guests renting out her spare room. Catch Isobel’s next adventures in the first two episodes of the new season.

Meanwhile, the Francophone women of “Féminin/Féminin” are navigating life, love, and the insecurities in between, in Chloé Robichaud’s (Sarah Prefers to Run, Outfest 2014) honest and witty portrait of being young and queer in Montreal. With several international nominations and awards to its name, the first season was featured on Amazon Prime and Hulu, and on French television channel France 4.

Followed by: Q&A with the cast and crew

THUR | July 19 | DGA 2 | 5:00 PM


Strangers: Created by Mia Lidofsky

Episodes 1-2 | USA | 52 Min

Féminin/Féminin: Created by Chloé Robichaud

Canada | French with English subtitles | Episodes 1-3 | 43 Min