Room to Grow


For many queer people, some of our toughest years were when we were teenagers living at home. Homophobic parents and school environments often made life unbearable. Now meet the next generation of queer youth, forging a path of love, with the support of their families. In the face of one of the harshest political climates, with homophobia and racism on the rise, these fearless teenagers are claiming their identities and taking the world by storm. An intimate look into what it means to be an LGBTQ teen today.

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Dances (Dir: Ramon Watkins, 6 min)

SAT | July 21 | DGA 1 | 4:30 PM


Director: Matt Alber & Jon Garcia

USA | 89 minutes | 2018


Director Bio: 

Emmy-nominated, Portland-based filmmaker and queer youth advocate Jon Garcia has released six feature films, including the cult trilogy The Falls (LAKE Productions.) His motion pictures have premiered in festivals worldwide via Breaking Glass Pictures and have streamed globally on Here TV, Netflix and Hulu.

Matt Alber is a two-time Grammy Award-winning recording artist, filmmaker and LGBTQ youth educator based in Portland, Oregon. Alber has performed on stages worldwide from Lincoln Center to Tchaikovsky Hall, including Artist Diplomacy assignments to six countries by the U.S. State Department.