Queers for Fears


It’s time to write our own stories to tell in the dark! Genre films have proven lethally unkind to queer characters over the years — which is why it’s crucial that we flip the script. From eerie rituals in suburbia to sexual voyeurs in the park, student loan slashings and nightmarish mazes of urban development, this year’s electrifying collection of pulse pounding thrills stretches the possibilities of what it means to go bump in the night.

Malik (Dir: Nathan Carli, 15 min.)

Disforia (Dir: Heidi Hartwig & Lio Mehiel, 8 min.)

The Cleanse (Dir. Lucas Omar, 12 min.)

Sell Your Body (Dir: Jaanelle Yee, 12 min.)

Shadow Animals (Skuggdjur) (Dir: Jerry Carlsson, 21 min.)

Islands (Les Îles) (Dir: Yann Gonzalez, 24 min.)

Cake (Dir: Alan Friel, 6 min.)


TUE | July 17 | DGA 2 | 9:45 PM