Postcards from London


Broke and beautiful, Joe (Beach Rats breakout Harris Dickinson) chases his big-city dreams to London and lands in the company of the Raconteurs: an elite gang of escorts who mix sex work with an encyclopedic knowledge of art history. Buzzing with electric energy and awash in Caravaggio, Joe’s journey takes him through the neon-lit labyrinth of Soho and, even more fantastically, transports him into classical paintings themselves. Sculpted like the gods, he becomes a muse for the ages.

FRI | July 20 | The Ford | 8:30 PM

Director: Steve McLean

United Kingdom | 87 minutes | 2018


Director Bio: 
Over the years Steve McLean has worked with artists such as George Michael and Depeche Mode. He then directed pop videos for, amongst others, Jimmy Sommerville. McLean moved to New York to develop a feature project based on the writings of David Wojnarowicz. The critically-acclaimed film Postcards From America played in competition at Sundance, Berlin and the New York Film Festival.