OutSet Shorts


Outfest is thrilled to present the premiere screening of the 2018 OutSet Shorts. OutSet: The Young Filmmakers Project from The Los Angeles LGBT Center and Outfest, now in its sixth year, was created to empower and educate LGBTQ young people to tell their stories through film. A new crop of fellows between the ages of 16 and 24 participated in OutSet 2.0, a six-month filmmaking lab led by industry professionals and mentored by Outfest Alumni filmmakers. Don’t miss the inspiring screening of five short films written, produced, and directed by the next generation of storytellers.

SUN | July 22 | Regal LA Live | 12:00 PM

Victory Boulevard 12 min.
In the heat and haze of a Van Nuys summer, two teenage boys discover an unexpected connection.
Dir/Scr: Johnny Alvarez Producer: Ash Lavacca
Production Designers: Tristin Brown and Juliet Delgado
Mentor: Henry Alberto


Bless the USA 8 min.
A military trans man, tired of living in stealth, opens up to two soldiers during a game of poker.
Co-Dir/Scr: Sebastian Vergara Co-Dir/Producer: Anthony Rizo
Mentor: Marcos Davalos
Production Design Mentor: Haharhel Valencia


Sigourney Weaver 9 min.
A young woman drugs and kidnaps her girlfriend in an attempt to save their relationship.
Dir/Scr: Andrea Ngeleka Producer: Tiffany Patterson
Production Designer: Hesed Kim
Mentors: Deondray Gossfield and Quincy LeNear Gossfield


The Curse 7 min.
An eager young man goes to meet a dreamy Grindr hookup on Halloween night, when he crosses paths with a drunken witch who curses him, compelling him to tell the truth. Dir/Scr: Dave Berenato Producer: Moira McFadden
Production Designer: Juliet Delgado
Mentors: Coley Sohn and Leanna Creel


Flamers: Bottoms in a Brushfire 9 min.
Two clueless, narcissistic (but also beautiful and valid) bottoms are forced to pack up their home during a brush fire. Do I bring my pride flag or my great grandma’s urn? An examination of priorities.
Dir/Scr: Capucine Berney Producer: Alfredo Hernandez
Production Designer: Tristin Brown
Mentor: Assaad Yacoub

Post Screening Reception:

TBA | 1:30 – 3:00 PM