Latin American Shorts


Be prepared for our most eclectic Latinx program ever. It embraces all LGBTQ communities at once. Shorts from Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Costa Rica, and the Dominican Republic show us that it doesn’t matter in which America we live — South, Central, or North — we need to be united to empower our community in the fight against discrimination and for equal rights, gender equity, and freedom of expression.

Guest Curator: João Federici


Tailor (Dir: Calí dos Anjos, 10 min.)

Elena (Dir: Ayerim Villaneuva, 22 min.)

Profane Cow (Vaca Profana) (Dir: René Guerra, 15 min.)

Julia’s Piece (Una Pieza Para Julia) (Dir: Amelia Eloisa, 9 min.)

Afronte (Dir: Bruno Victor & Marcus Azevedo, 16 min.)

Naranja (Dir: Hanna Isua, 3 min.)

Sandra Calling (Dir: João Cândido Zacharias, 13 min.)


TUE | July 17 | Plaza de la Raza | 9:00 PM