Girls Shorts


In this year’s signature program, we amplify the unapologetic exhilaration of living your truth loud and proud. This program of shorts explores the spectrum of desire across a multiplicity of genders  – trans, cis and non-binary. Whether standing up to your straight and narrow dance instructor, challenging your partner on unspoken tensions, confessing love for your best friend, or sparking resistance through pelvic thrusts, the subjects of these spectacular stories stand up and fight for the power of the queer female gaze.

Des!re (Dir: Campbell X, 10 min.)

Candace (Dir: Emma Weinstein, 10 min.)

Boihood (Dir: Rhea Bozzacchi, 7 min.)

Salamagan (Dir: Elisa Oh, 13 min.)

Foxy Trot (Dir: Lisa Donato, 15 min.)

The Dress You Have On (Dir: Courtney Hope Therond, 14 min.)

Fig Tree (Dir: Jenni Olson with Ana Quintanilla, 5 min.)

Juck [Thrust] (Dir: Olivia Kastebring, 17 min.)

FRI | July 20 | DGA 1 | 9:30 PM
SUN | July 22 | Regal LA Live | 11:15 AM

Program Runtime: 91 minutes | 2018


All-Girl Friday: DGA Atrium | July 20