Duck Season (Temporada de Patos)


In a Mexico City apartment block, 14-year-olds Moko and Flama’s plans for a perfect Sunday afternoon of Xbox and junk food are turned upside-down by a power outage. Along with beleaguered pizza delivery man Ulises (and an assist from girl-next-door Rita’s special brownie recipe), they learn the joy of unplugging and reconnecting with one another. With black-and-white Jarmuschian cool but a heart all its own, this adorable time capsule of pre- smartphone adolescence is a nostalgic echo of a generation unwittingly on the verge of a digital boom.

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This Is Not an AIDS Advertisement (Dir: Isaac Julien, 1988, 10 Min.)

SUN | July 22 | Regal LA Live | 4:00 PM

Director: Fernando Eimbcke

USA | 90 minutes | 2004

Spanish with English subtitles