Daddy Issues


An intoxicating invitation into the lives of two young women, one a fearless charmer, the other a talented but shy artist. When the pair meets, their lips and their lives collide, and the chemistry is electric. Combining their skills to design a clothing line, the girls spend every waking moment together, until the unthinkable happens. This candy-colored glimpse into first love is not only gorgeously shot, but it’s also driven by slick editing and an empowering soundtrack, immersing the viewer — or voyeur — into a world laced with potent sexuality.

Preceded By:

Mendhi (Dir: Sudeshna Sen, 2017, 4 min.)

US Premiere | SAT | July 14 | DGA 1 | 4:30 PM

Director: Amara Cash

USA | 88 minutes | 2018