Considered the first narrative feature film to explore the AIDS crisis, this little- seen work (newly restored by Vinegar Syndrome) charts the emotional friendship between David, a young gay urban professional assigned to be a volunteer buddy, and Robert, a hospice patient increasingly demoralized by his slipping health. Brimming with emotional urgency yet tenderly introspective, their story presents a subtle critique of gay assimilation versus queer activism. Acting as writer, editor, and director, Bressan completed the film a mere two years before his own death from AIDS in 1987.

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Coming Out (Dir: Arthur J. Bressan Jr., 1972, 10 min.)

In Person: Joe Rubin, Jenni Olson, Roe Bressan, David Schachter,  and Jim Fall

SAT | July 21 | Harmony Gold | 11:00 AM

Director: Arthur J. Bressan Jr.

USA | 81 minutes | 2018