Born Again This Way


Faith and queer voices have historically intersected in surprising and complicated ways, whatever your congregation. In our collection of religious shorts, young women break the rules in Jewish summer camps and the all-male rituals of the Macedonian Orthodox Church, men struggle against the faith of their fathers in Islam and Christianity, and a trans woman intertwines the beauty of religious ritual with her authentic self.


The Most Beautiful Butterfly (Dir: Mukesh Vidyasagar, 4 min.)

Summer (Dir: Pearl Gluck, 18 min.)

Noora (Dir: Tommy Naess, 20 min.)

Ablution (وضوء) (Dir: Omar Al Dakheel, 15 min.)

Deviant (Dir: Benjamin Hooward, 10 min.)

Wren Boys (Dir: Harry Lighton, 11 min.)

Would You Look At Her (Dir: Goran Stolevski, 19 min.)


SUN | July 15 | Harmony Gold | 2:00 PM