Bixa Travesty


Black Brazilian transgender singer Linn da Quebrada weaponizes the trans body and music for political protest. Linn and childhood friend Jup do Bairro use extravagantly costumed performances to dazzle audiences while opposing their country’s white heteronormative order. Figuring her embodied existence as resistance, Linn eschews the role of cis woman, instead choosing a fluid gender identity. Full of funny and intimate moments, the film advocates for personal choice against a society that imposes static gender identity.

Preceded By:

Behind Me is Black (Dir: Kirsty Cameron, 1999, New Zealand, 10 min.)

These Are My Hands (Dir: Evi Tsiligaridou, 2018, Brazil, 8 min.)

SUN | July 15 | REDCAT | 9:30 PM

Director: Claudia Priscilla & Kiko Goifman

Brazil | 75 minutes | 2018

Portuguese with English subtitles


Directors’ Bio:

Claudia Priscilla (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) – Directed The Destruction of Bernardet (2016), co-directed with Pedro Marques; Iron and Milk (2010); Look at Me Again (2011), co-directed with Kiko Goifman. Short films: Leg’s Out (2012), co-directed with Pedro Marques; Phedra (2008) and Sex and Cloister (2005). As producer: Dense Death and Acts of Man, directed by Kiko Goifman.
Kiko Goifman (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) – Directed Periscope (2013); Look at Me Again (2011), co-directed with Claudia Priscilla; Film Phobia (2008); Acts of Men (2006) and 33 (2003).