Bitter Melon


Who knew that the insensitive way some of his Filipino-American family members treat his sexuality would be the least of Declan’s worries when he returns home for the holidays? As he and his siblings tiptoe around his freeloading brother’s volatile personality, long-buried secrets are revealed to set in motion a hilarious plan of revenge. A black comedy with heart, the latest from H.P. Mendoza (Fruit Fly) deftly explores toxic masculinity and abuse— emotional and physical—with absurdity and true empathy.

Preceded by: He Drinks (Dir: Michael Varrati, 6 min.)

FRI | July 13 | Harmony Gold | 7:00 PM

Director: H.P. Mendoza

USA | 100 minutes | 2018


Director Bio:

H. P. Mendoza is an American film director, screenwriter, actor, producer and musician. He is best known for his micro-budget work as screenwriter, composer and lyricist on Colma: The Musical (2006), as well as his follow-up musical and directorial debut, Fruit Fly (2010). Mendoza’s musical films have been dubbed “mumblechoral” by Steve Seid of Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive. Mendoza was inducted into “Essential SF” by San Francisco Film Society.