Behind Me is Black

Preceding: Bixa Travesty

In the early 1970’s Christchurch artist Paul Johns created an intimate portrait of the transgender community in New Zealand by capturing friends and acquaintances on 16mm. In 1999 Johns entrusted the footage to filmmakers Cameron and Dillon. They constructed a film that is an ode to Paul’s work, and an exploration of both the texture and internal qualities of the image. The subterranean soundtrack by sound artist Rachel Shearer adds to the evocation of memory and nostalgia to weave together a dreamy, trance-like journey. This is the first time the film has been seen in 20 years.

SUN | July 15 | REDCAT | 9:30 PM

Directors: Cushla Dillon | Kirsty Cameron | Paul Johns

1999 | New Zealand | 10 minutes