Alumni Spotlight: The Dare Project & Clay Farmers


Take a new look at two Outfest classics: The Dare Project picks up the story from the original 2005 short film and catches up with the gay theater kid and the curious jock as they accidentally run into each other as adults. And on the heels of a recent restoration, the moving rural drama Clay Farmers — cited by many queer film experts as an influential antecedent to Brokeback Mountain — has never looked better, 30 years after its debut.

WED | July 18 | DGA 2 | 5:00 PM

The Dare Project

Director: Adam Salky | Screenwriter: David Brind

USA | 33 minutes | 2005 & 2018

Clay Farmers

Director: A.P. Gonzalez

USA | 60 minutes | 1988