All About My Mother


From Mommie Dearest to mom of the year, there will always be myriad ways to define motherhood in the movies. And whether you are one, have one, or know one, we all have our own unique experiences around how these ladies fit into our lives. Between mama bears a bit too woke for their own good to those sleeping on their children’s talents, new mothers facing discrimination or those struggling to understand their queer children, these films capture maternity in motion.

Curated by: Albert Payano


Are We Good Parents? (Dir: Bola Ogun, 9 min.)

Rani (Dir: Hammad Rizvi, 14 min.)

Dario (Dir: Manuel Kinzer, Jorge A. Trujillo Gil, 15 min.) 

Between Us Two (Dir: Tan Wei Keong, 5 min.)

Uninvited (Dir: Seung Yeob Lee, 20 min.)

Khol (Open) (Dir: Faroukh Virani, 12 min.)

For Nonna Anna (Dir: Luis De Filippis, 14 min.)


SAT | July 14 | Harmony Gold | 9:30 PM

Program Runtime: 89 minutes