Alifu, The Prince/ss


An Altman-esque mosaic of LGBTQ storylines intersect in this portrait of gender identity in present-day Taiwan by director Yu-Lin Wang (Seven Days in Heaven). Alifu works as a hairdresser in Taipei and longs for gender-confirmation surgery, which may affect his status within his tribal Paiwan family. Sherry, a trans woman who owns a drag bar, is in love with a plumber who appears not to share her feelings. Chris is a government worker and lives with his girlfriend Angie — and also moonlights as a drag queen. Wang weaves these narratives into an empowering tapestry of love and its many forms.

SUN | July 15 | DGA 1 | 11:00 AM

Director: Wang Yu-Lin

Taiwan | 91 minutes | 2017

Taiwanese with English subtitles

Post-Screening Celebrate Taiwan Reception: DGA Atrium | 12:30 PM