AIDS Diva: The Legend of Connie Norman


As the self-appointed “AIDS DIVA” and ACT UP/LA spokesperson in early 90’s Los Angeles, Connie Norman stood proudly in her multiple, fluid and evolving LGBTQ identities. Both beloved and confrontational, Connie’s soulful and salty rantings and intersectional politics were heard widely through her newspaper column, and pioneering radio and cable TV talk shows. Serving as a bridge in both gender and politics, and modeling “wokeness” in an early era of crisis, Connie’s piercing and compassionate voice urges us again into action, to fully engage with our lives and our world. Followed by: An extended conversation with the filmmaker and other special guests.

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Fusion One Minute Movie Contest Program Two (3 min.)

TUE | July 17 | Plaza de la Raza | 7:00 PM

Director: Dante Alencastre

45 min | USA | 2018