You can attend Outfest Los Angeles via an all-access pass, drive-in tickets (available Friday, August 14) or select package purchases. Starting on August 20th, you will have the opportunity to begin watching films released every day over 11 days of the festival from August 20 – 30. Q&As follow applicable films and are noted whether they are live or recorded.

Please note: The all-access pass or packages do NOT allow access to the Outfest Drive-In series. Films are available for a limited time of 72 hours. No refunds or exchanges. Passes are non-transferable. The films are not rated for content and viewer discretion is advised. All films are available to viewers in the United States. Film views are limited, and films can “sell out,” which will be indicated in the film guide. 


Your pass allows you to unlock all festival films based on the daily festival schedule through your screening account on Outfest Now. After a film or program has been released you will have 72 hours before the film is taken down and is no longer available. When you purchase an all-access pass you get 1 free year of Outfest Now, Outfest’s new streaming platform, your yearly subscription will automatically be added to your account when you purchase the pass. 

PACKAGES – $20 (Access to select film bundles)

We’ve created several collections of features and shorts bundles that you can purchase individually and play on-demand. If you’re going to buy more than two, you may want to consider the All-Access Festival Pass. 

You can pre-purchase packages and the films within your package will become available on the date of its release. After a film becomes available you have 72 hours after you’ve hit play to watch your package before the films become unavailable. 


How does the all-access pass work?

The All-Access Pass allows you to watch all films in the program when they become available. You have 72 hours to start watching a film from the date it becomes available. Browse through the program guide HERE. You can purchase an all-access pass now and begin watching films through the festival from August 20-30.

How does a select film package work?

Select films from the 2020 program are made available in our film packages. When you purchase a film package, you will be able to watch those films on the date they become available according to the program schedule. You have 72 hours after you’ve hit play to watch those films before they are removed from your account. If you’re thinking about purchasing two or more packages, consider buying an all-access pass instead for the best deal. You can purchase packages now and begin watching select films through the festival from August 20-30. Packages that you have purchased can be found in your account at

Can I watch screenings from anywhere?

The 2020 Outfest Los Angeles program is only available to viewers in the US. You will be able to watch on any browser, mobile device, OTT device (Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, etc.) or Smart TV (Outfest Now apps launch next week). 

Why is a film no longer available?

Films are available for 72 hours after its release date and can only be viewed within the availability window. Please check the Schedule for availability on LINK. If the viewer does not hit play within that window or conclude watching the film within the allotted time, it will become unavailable to the viewer.

I have not received a confirmation email for my pass purchase. How do I access the festival?

Check all of your email inboxes for a ‘Start watching’ email from VHX (search for ‘Start watching VHX ‘). If you haven’t received an email to watch, try logging in with your email address to access festival content. If you are still are having trouble, contact us.

I don’t remember my password. What should I do?

If you don’t have a password or your password isn’t working: Sign in and enter your email address.

Underneath the password field, select Reset your password.

Enter your email address on that page and select Reset Password.

If you are an active customer, you will be emailed a link to set a new password. Check your email inbox for that link. If you are still are having trouble, contact us.

Technical troubleshooting

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